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Entering a Mythical Land of Dragons and Fairies

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Are your kids in love with dragons and/or fairies? Then, you’re in luck! You can take them to enter a world of mythical creatures, where not only will they get to meet a fairy, but they will also get to go on a journey with her and meet up on other wonderous creatures including dragons.

Dragons and Fairies is a new show in Orlando by the Creative City Project who brought us Dazzling Nights and Down the Rabbit Hole. Younger kids will love entering an enchanted world and seeing the creatures that they have just read about in books being brought to life.

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What is Dragons and Fairies About?

The show follows a young fairy named Freya as she goes on a journey through Tir Na Nog. As the name indicates, she meets up with dragons along the way. She also encounters other creatures as well, but we won’t tell you who they are; we don’t want to ruin all the fun.

dragons at leu gardens

The show is considered an immersive adventure, with guests “leaving Orlando and entering Tir Na Nog”. You interact with Freya as she leads you along the paths and you are up close to all the performers; there is no stage to separate you from the action.

leu gardens

The show is made up of different vignettes which are performed throughout Leu Gardens. Freya interacts with you while you walk, so you never feel as if you have left the performance.

While the performances may be the “star” of the show, the lighting at Leu Gardens is definitely not second fiddle to the show itself. The lighting is truly stunning and for the adults it may actually be the highlight. Seeing all the lit pathways and trees and even lights made to look like fireflies was my favorite part of the show. My 7-year old would disagree, as getting to meet dragons, fairies and other creatures was the highlight for him.

orlando dragons

If you have younger children, children who are still at the age where they believe in dragons and fairies, they will thoroughly enjoy the show. I would not recommend it for older children. As for the adults, the gorgeous lighting and creativity will keep you captivated.

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Location and Cost of Dragons and Fairies

Dragons and Fairies is taking place at Leu Gardens through March 6. The show runs on Thursday through Sunday evening. If you want to make it a day of mythical creatures, you can take the kids to Dragon Quest: A Hunt for Dragon’s Treasure during the day at Leu Gardens, pop over to East End Market for an early dinner, and then return to Leu Gardens to do the Dragons and Fairies show at night.

The cost of show tickets is $25 per person.

Take the kids and enjoy a fun evening out at Dragons and Fairies in Leu Gardens.

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