Discover Ghouls and Ghosts on these Orlando Ghost Tours

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Orlando may be the theme park capital of the world, with its bright lights and all-around fun rides for the whole family to enjoy.  But there is something else that the Orlando area is famous for too…ghost tours! During this time of year, all across the United States, cities host spooktacular events for kids and adults, but there is something about doing a ghost tour in Central Florida that sets us apart.  We have done the hard work for you and put together a list of some of the best places to visit in the Orlando area for haunted houses and great ghost tours.

Orlando Ghost Tours

We hope you are not too scared to take one of the Orlando Ghost Tours on our list!

Orlando ghost tours

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A Petrified Forest

If you are looking to be scared stiff, then look no further than A Petrified Forest.  Located in Altamonte Springs, start out your night by checking out some of the food trucks and local vendors, dance a little, or check out the laser tag area.   However, beware, there are monsters hanging out every corner.

Starting September 29, the three scare trails give visitors the chance to test out their own scream machines by walking the interactive trails littered with ghouls and zombies.  This very interactive spook walk is the perfect way to spend the night out with friends and family alike.

American Ghost Adventures

Known as America’s longest-running ghost tour, American Ghost Adventures offers tours that are perfect for the whole family. The tours are offered all year long so the ghost hunter in all of us can feed our need to tangle with the paranormal. The Downtown Orlando tour is the most popular. It is a two-hour guided walking tour that gives you a history of the area along with telling you ghost stories. On the tour, you will go inside some haunted buildings too. Bring your own ghost-hunting equipment or use theirs. If you are looking for a more in-depth ghost tour, try the Ultimate Tour.

This whole experience is a great night for the whole family and poor weather will not spoil the fun as the tours will run rain or shine.  Reservations are required so do not miss the chance to visit some of the haunted buildings in the Orlando area.

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Ghosts of Winter Park

Ghosts and goblins are everywhere in the Orlando area and Winter Park is no different.  The Ghosts of Winter Park tour takes you on a ninety-minute guided tour of Winter Park’s most haunted areas of town.  Learn the history of the city on your spook walk including stories of Annie Russell that still haunts the campus of Rollins College.

The tours are held rain or shine and are not for those with heart problems or trouble walking.  The tour is usually done on Thursday evenings.  It is not recommended for children under four years of age.  This interactive tour is great for families with older children.  Since the tour books out quickly, we recommend purchasing tickets online in advance.

Mount Dora Ghost Tours

One of Central Florida’s best-kept secrets is the beautiful town of Mount Dora.  In this beautiful hilltop city lies a paranormal past.  Mount Dora Ghost Tours takes ghost hunters on a two-hour interactive guided tour visit to the “other side.”   The tour operators will take you to the Lakeside Inn, a haunted building built in the 1800s.

Mount Dora Ghost Tours is a great way to learn about the history of the city while seeking specters in the streets.

Nightmare on Donnelly Street

Enter this haunted house at your own risk!  The Donnelly House and its occupants have been taken over by evil and they need your help.  Can you free them while making sure you stay alive?  This interactive haunted house experience is not for the weak.  There is no age limit for the event, however, parents should know that this twenty-minute walk through the haunted house is meant to frighten and startle visitors.  Visitors should also keep in mind that there will be stairs to climb and no cell phone usage during the walk-through.  For those folks with heart problems, it is highly recommended that you do not attend this event.

Did we happen to mention that the Donnelly House is an actual one-hundred-and-thirty-year-old haunted house?  A visit to the Donnelly House is the perfect way to start your ghostly adventures.

Old City Ghost Tours in St. Augustine 

With St. Augustine holding the title of the oldest city in the United States, visitors are bound to meet residents both young and old and some that are not quite alive.  The Old City Ghost Tours in St. Augustine is about an hour and a half outside of Orlando and will give the ghost hunter in you and your family all the paranormal encounters you can handle.

The sixty-minute walking tour takes you through the history of the city, and all the hot spots where historical events have taken place. Hear firsthand ghost stories from the locals while touring eight to twelve different sites in one of St. Augustine’s most haunted areas.  The tour does have some scary moments but is still family-friendly.

The tours are held nightly, rain or shine, so book your advance tickets for a hauntingly good time!

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Orlando Haunts

Central Florida is known for the mouse and Cinderella’s castle, but Orlando is also known for being haunted! Orlando Haunts is one of Central Florida’s best-kept secrets. Take the guided tour and learn about historical events, hear firsthand ghost stories, and see paranormal activity.

Orlando was built on ley lines, the lines that crisscross around the globe and carry supernatural energy.  Is the Magic Kingdom haunted? You’ll have to go on the tour to find out! Your tour guide will narrate some of the city’s best ghost stories and sightings while regaling you with stories of rumrunners, pirates, and the like.

This is a great tour for families with older children, team building, and the perfect way to spend a girls’ night out. Ticket prices range from $11.99 and up. There are limited spaces for the tour and tickets go quickly, so booking your tour in advance is highly recommended.

Sanford Ghost Tours

The Sanford Ghost Tours brings ghostly experiences happening in the downtown area to life.  Your guide will take you on a ninety-minute tour regaling you with stories of historical significance, ending the tour with a visit to a haunted building.

You’ll chat with local residents to hear first-hand ghost stories about Sanford and how its residents from the past still hang around the town’s hot spots letting their presence be known.  The tour does not take you ghost hunting, but it will certainly make you want to come back to Sanford for more paranormal activity every year.

Sanford Ghost Tours are available Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

St. Petersburg Ghost Tour

Beautiful beaches, gorgeous waters, and haunted mansions!  The St. Petersburg Ghost Tour offers participants a chance to learn about the mystery and history of St. Pete.  Take the guided walking tour along St. Pete’s spectacular waterfront while learning of the cursed souls that still haunt the “Sunshine City.”

Advanced ticket purchases are required.

The Donnelly House Paranormal Experience

The Donnelly House Paranormal Experience in Mount Dora is a perfect way to get your scream on!  Built in 1893, this haunted house serves as the home for one of the oldest secret societies in the world, the Freemasons.

Take the 2 1/2 hour tour and become a ghost hunter on the search for Annie Donnelly.  Become a paranormal investigator and test your skills too.  With all the feels of an escape room, the Donnelly House paranormal experience will test all your ghost-hunting skills  There is no age limit for this adventure so the whole family can enjoy ghost-busting!

The Historic Ghost Walk of Cocoa Village

Cocoa Village, in Brevard County, has a rich history steeped in the arts and culture.  Most people probably do not know that Cocoa Village also has a dark past laden with paranormal activity and ghosts.

The Historic Ghost Walk in Cocoa Village takes participants through a time of discovery and to learn the history of the city.  The tours are done by local paranormal investigators and locals who have had paranormal experiences.  This is a two-hour walking tour of Cocoa Village.  Participants can choose from two different tours – the late afternoon tour which is less spooky and more suited for the whole family to enjoy or the evening tour which is a spook walk you will not soon forget.

Advanced tickets can be purchased online or at The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village.  All sales are final but if the tour is canceled due to inclement weather, then a full refund will be issued.

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