Bentkey: A New Streaming Service for Kids

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Some of my favorite shows when I was a kid were Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street and Electric Company. They were just fun to watch. While Sesame Street still exists, it is now on HBO Max, vs. PBS and unfortunately, the other two shows fell by the wayside.

Well, there is a new streaming app called Bentkey that is aiming to bring back similar shows to the ones above that many of us watched as kids.

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What is Bentkey?

Bentkey is a streaming service that will offer kid focused programming. It features exclusive Bentkey adventures as hand-curated shows for kids and family viewing. A key feature of Bentkey is that it is an entirely ad-free platform. Because it is an app, shows on Bentkey can be viewed on multiple devices and can be watched on the go.

Bentkey is available to download in both the Google Playstore and the App Store.

What shows will be on Bentkey?

Bentkey streaming service

Bentkey will launch with four original shows. The four original shows include:

  • A Wonderful Day with Mabel Maclay – Join Mabel as she goes around her neighborhood and meets her neighbors and does fun activities with her dog Jasper. They sing songs, read books and have a fun time The character is upbeat and perky and will appeal to most kids.  (Fun fact: The creators and main actors in the show are from Florida.)
  • Chip Chilla – Join the daily adventures of the Chilla family, a family of homeschooled chinchillas. In each episode, Mom and Dad create a world of wonder and excitement where the kids get to discover everything from world history to classic books and, most importantly, how to care for others.
  • Kid Fit Go – Kid instructors invite audiences of all ages to get up and moving!  Kids, and parents too, can join the kid instructors for a fun approach to exercise.
  • Kid Explorer – Join Broadcast Cal as he explores the people and events shaping the modern world. Audiences of all ages will enjoy his humor, animations, and costumes.

The app has also curated content from around the world to round out the app. Some of these programs include Clangers, Jasmine & Jambo, Edmond & Lucy, Ernest & Celestine, Tish Tash, Louie & Yoko Build, Pirata &Capitano, Yoko, All-Round Champion, Runes, Yeti Tales, Truck Games, Gus Plus Us, Counting with Paula, Billy the Cowboy Hamster, How Ridiculous, and more! Most of these shows are new to us, so they are probably new to you too.

The app will launch with 100 episodes of content to watch with new episodes dropping every Saturday.

Is there a cost for Bentkey?

You can access limited episodes on Bentkey for free. However, there is a cost for full access. Full access costs $99 per year ($8.25 per month) which is pretty much in line with most streaming services out there.

Win a year of access to Bentkey

As part of their launch, Bentkey is giving away one year of access to one lucky family. To enter the giveaway, please click the link below. Giveaway ends on November 10, 2023

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