Getting a Jumpstart on Gift Shopping with Macy’s Finish Line Sale

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Are you like me? Do you love after holiday sales? I sometimes start my birthday and holiday shopping for next year right after the holidays are over. I find that I can sometimes get really great bargains, even better than what you would find around Black Friday.

I tend to pick up things all year long when I see them if there is a sale, or special partnership or promotion. This year a department store did a special partnership with Harry Potter over the summer, so I grabbed some gifts for my daughter, and then held on to them until Christmas. They sold out in like a week, so had I waited, I wouldn’t have been able to get her anything and boy has she been living in that Hogwarts Sweatsuit. Some stores also have twice annual sales, and this is the ONLY time their stuff goes on sale. I make sure to pick up some items during the sale and hold onto them. I was able to get my son some great super hero gear for the holidays at a great price by taking advantage of a sale.

I usually hide my finds in my closet or the garage. The only problem, is that a lot of the time, I forget what I have already purchased so I end up with too many items or even worse, I don’t even find my purchases until after the holidays. I bought my son this really great Spiderman blanket this year during a summer sale. I totally forgot about it until I was going through my closet after the holidays. Well, I now have his first birthday gift all ready to go. It’s even in a non-Christmasy gift bag. I must have had a feeling I was going to forget it.

This year, I plan to be more organized with my purchases. I organize everything else, so why not my gift list? I plan to create a list of gifts that I have purchased for my kid’s birthdays and for the holidays. I should probably also include where the gift is located so I can find it easily in my many hiding places.

Speaking of sales, Macy’s is currently having its Finish Line Sale to end the holiday season or prepare for the next one; it’s all about perspective people! The sale started on Christmas Day and ends on January 18. Grab a ton of items up to 60% off and get a head start on your 2021 present stash (presents for yourself count!).

To make it even easier to find awesome gifts, features a Gift tab on the top of the page and you can then search by recipient.

I want to get this Handwarmers Plush Sloth for my daughter as she is always cold and she loves cute stuffies.

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My son loves science, so he will absolutely love this Discovery Mindblown Toy Kids Science Ultimate Experiment Kit.

If you are looking to grab some bargains after the holidays, you will definitely want to check out the Macy’s Finish Line Sale. Come back and share if you are able to snag some super cool finds!

 Please Note: Items are up to 60% off and some restrictions do apply. This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own.

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