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Where to Skate in Orlando

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When I was a kid, I used to love going Roller Skating. My sister and I had our own pair of skates and my dad would take us to the roller rink at least once a month. My daughter has now discovered a love of roller skating and skates around the neighborhood whenever she can. If you have a kid who loves roller skating, skateboarding or just has an interest, there are plenty of places to take them in Orlando to get their skate on. 

skating rinks in orlando

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Skating Rinks in Orlando

Here are some great skating rinks and skate parks in Orlando for you and the kids to visit.

Astro Skate of Orlando
You can easily plan a family fun day here. The prices are reasonable, and the skates are plentiful for all ages to join in on the fun. Arrive for dinner and order some yummy food as well. The hours will pass quickly during this skating adventure. Astro Skate also offers tiny tots skate for the littles, teen night and family night skating sessions.

Semoran Skateway
Semoran Skateway is a great place to go skating with the family. On Tuesdays, they offer family fun night where you can skate for $7 per person (including skates). On Saturday mornings they offer skating lessons and a tiny tot session as well. They have open skate on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Skate Reflections
Take the entire family to bop to the beat at Skate Reflections. Sake Reflections prioritizes family fun. Friday nights are family fun nights; for $50 you get admission for 4, a pizza and a pitcher of soda. That’s a pretty awesome deal! Wednesday nights are also family nights with free all-you-can eat pizza and Sunday afternoons are family days. They offer tiny tot sessions on Saturday mornings and they also have skating lessons.

Skate Parks in Orlando

Barber Park
Barber park literally has something for everyone! There is plenty of room for skating as well as a lot of room for other fun sports activities, too. There is certain to be something for all the kids in the family to have a blast doing! 

Deputy Brandon Coates Community Skate Park
Brandon Community Park offers a great outdoor space to get your skate on. You’ll find all types of skaters and options here so it can be a really fun experience for the kids to explore and see some people catching some air.

Downey Skatepark
This is a smaller skating area but is still a place that you can take the kids as well. Pack up the dog and food for a picnic and plan on spending the afternoon at the local park. 

Riverside Skate Park
Riverside Skate Park is an outdoor facility that gives options for skaters to have fun and skate away the stresses of the day. Just pack up the gear, the kids, some snacks, and your adventurous attitude and head out the door! 

Orlando Metro Skate Park
If you’re looking for an indoor skatepark, this is the one for you. This is the only all indoor skate park in Orlando. Even when the weather might be dreary outside, the skate park is always ready for fun. Orlando Metro Skate Park offers skateboarding lessons if you have a budding skateboarder and they also offer monthly passes allowing your kids to skate everyday if they choose.

Orlando Skate Park
No matter what the skate level that your kids are at, there is a section of Orlando Skate Park for them. Kids can learn how to skate here or show off their skills. From beginner to advanced, there are ramps and options for them to bring their own skateboards and have fun. Orlando Skate Park has a $5 daily charge for non-members and $2.50 for members. Monthly memberships are $30. You can also purchase an unlimited annual membership for $110 per person/$220 per family.

There are so many skating options and skating parks in and around the Orlando area! The kids just need to bring their skates and/or skateboard and have fun wheeling around!

What’s your favorite place to skate in Orlando?

 by Thena Franssen

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