Halloween Crafts to do with Kids

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When it comes to Halloween crafts to do with the kids, there are always so many fun options. Even though Halloween time is all about spooky fun, finding some “non” spooky crafts can be a great idea as well. 

One of the biggest perks of creating Halloween crafts with the kids is that you then have the ability to use some of those crafts as homemade Halloween decor items, too. And don’t forget the positive bonding aspect of sitting down at the table and creating something awesome together as well. 

This list of fun Halloween crafts to do with kids is a simple way to get geared up and excited for all things Halloween! Check out the fun Halloween craft ideas below! 

Halloween crafts to do with kids

Here are some fun Halloween crafts to do with kids that they’re certain to love and enjoy! Gather up your crafting supplies and get started!

halloween crafts for kids

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Black Cat Paper Plate Activity

We all know that black cats are an important part of Halloween so let the kids create their own “bad luck” with this adorable Black Cat Paper Plate Activity. It’s simple and easy for younger kids but fun for the older ones, too! 

Hanging Bats

Kids will love making these cute hanging bats from toilet paper rolls. Attach bats to a tree branch or some of your fall decorations that you already have around the house.

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Halloween Donuts

Don’t forget about the sweet Halloween treats! “Crafting” up a batch of these Halloween Donuts is a great way to have the kids helping in the kitchen and using their hands and minds as well. Plus, during your day of crafting, this makes a yummy treat, too! 

Halloween Pom Pom Banner

If you’re looking for a fun craft that can also double as a really unique option for Halloween home decor, check out this Halloween Pom Pom Banner. It’s a simple project that the family can make together to really enhance and bring out the Halloween fun! 

Halloween Recycled Bottle Planters

Using old plastic bottles is a fun craft idea and a great way to help keep them out of landfills, too. These easy Halloween Recycled Bottle Planters are fun and festive for the kids. Just a little bit of creativity and paint goes a long way! 

Halloween S’mores

I know that this is another cute Halloween food item, but I just can’t help myself! These Halloween S’mores prove that it’s always time for s’mores. Just gather up the needed ingredients and let the kids have fun creating their very own treats. These are great for snacks at home or a fun surprise for school lunch boxes as well. 

Mummy String Art

This Halloween Mummy String Art is too cute to pass up! Not only is it fun for the kids, but it’s a simple craft to get them working on their hand-eye coordination as well. And the best part? They’ll have their very own Halloween mummy that they can show others, too! 

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Popsicle Stick Haunted House 

Using popsicle sticks for crafts is such a simple way to let the kids create something fun. This House will let the kids build, create, paint, and use their imagination. And in the end, they’ll have a really fun and cool haunted house to display and show off to all their family and friends. 

Pumpkin Door Hanger

This printable template to make a Pumpkin Door Hanger is so much fun! Let the kids create their own homemade Halloween decor easily with this simple Pumpkin printable. And if they’re wanting to put one on each door handle, let them! The more pumpkins for Halloween, the better. 

Pumpkin Salt Painting

Using glue and fun paint is always a good idea. This Pumpkin Salt Painting is a simple Halloween craft that takes just a few minutes to set up but creates beautiful works of art. Clear some space on your fridge because you’re going to want to display all the pictures there. 

As you can tell, there is no shortage of Halloween crafts to do with kids. No matter if it’s a simple project or one that might take a bit more time, there are ways that you can find time to create together and have fun. From fun projects to some tasty foods, there is plenty of Halloween activities and crafts to do! 

Which one of these Halloween crafts are you going to do with your kids first? 

by Thena Franssen




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