Showcase of Citrus: More than just Oranges

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Last weekend, I was looking for something to do for a few hours, so I headed over to Showcase of Citrus with the family. We weren’t quite certain what to expect as Showcase of Citrus seems to have a hodge podge of things to do. I mean where else can you pick oranges, ride a monster truck, and see a magic show all in one day? If you are planning on visiting Showcase of Citrus, here is what to expect

showcase of citrus

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Oranges, Oranges and more Oranges

The name is Showcase of Citrus after all, so there are rows upon rows of Oranges. Turns out there are many different types of oranges, not just the ones that we see in the supermarket. If you love oranges, you will definitely be happy here. If you are an orange connoisseur and it matters to you what type of oranges you can pick, call ahead to find out which type of orange is in season.

showcase of citrus

Monster Truck Ride

We went to Showcase of Citrus mainly for the Monster Truck ride as it one of their featured attractions. When they say Monster Truck, they really mean it. I don’t think I am even as tall as the tires on the truck. The truck is an open-air vehicle, so if it is a hot day, you will definitely feel it. You can purchase a slushie or creamsicle to take along on the ride.

We drove through the orange groves, where we stopped for a short while for the driver to tell us about the different types of oranges they grow on site. We then drive over to see their cattle, as well as a Texas Longhorn and a Watoosie. As part of the ride, we were able to feed the cattle; they really seem to love oranges.

We then continued to the “swamp” which was a small swamp like area, where we drove through the water. I will admit that part was pretty cool. Lastly, we drove by the bee farm and the driver told us how different honeys get their flavor. The ride lasted for about 45 minutes.

After the tour, we stopped into the store to try some of the flavored honeys they have on site.

monster truck orlando

Alex Emelin Show (Magic Show)

After our brief foray into the store for honey tasting and to purchase slushies and creamsicles, we headed over to see the Alex Emelin show. The show is held in a tent on property that is set up with picnic tables inside, so you can bring your food along with you to the show. The show was definitely the highlight of our day, and I would highly recommend it. As we were the only ones at the show, I think most people go to Showcase of Citrus for the oranges and the monster truck and don’t know about the show.

The show was a two-person show, and as you are sitting very close to the stage, it is an intimate performance. Alex was the magician and he was assisted by Jenny. Alex did a bunch of different tricks, which I won’t tell you about so I won’t ruin the magic, and he incorporated the kids and even my husband into the show. Jenny did two main routines, one was an acrobatic routine up high and the other was a contortionist routine at eye level. They also had poodles as part of the act, which the kids greatly enjoyed. The show lasted for about 30 minutes.

alex emelin show

Attraction Costs

I bought my tickets for both the Monster Truck ride and The Alex Emelin Show on Groupon and I saved about 33% off of the regular ticket price. Regular priced tickets are $25 adults/$15 kids 4-12 for each attraction.

Go or No-Go

I am somewhat neutral on Showcase of Citrus. While we did have fun, I wouldn’t say it is some place that I am running back to. It was fun to do once. If you have a morning or afternoon free and are looking for something to do with the kids that is not a theme park, then I would say go. If you are looking for a lots of bells and whistles and tons to do, then I would recommend skipping it.

Showcase of Citrus
Location: 5010 US Highway 27, Clermont, FL
Phone: (352) 394-4377



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