Kid’s Art Classes in Orlando

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Let’s face it; your kids are creative geniuses. You know it’s true – the way that they used light blue on the kitchen wall, but a dark red on the dining room table, where it really shines in the light? Yup, kids love making art and they need a creative outlet where they can express themselves. Someone who can clean up might also be good. Here is a list of kid’s art schools in the Orlando area, where they can let their creative genius be classes orlando

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Art in the Park

Art in the Park is a mobile art studio, teaching classes on different topics, and moving to different locations. Each class is on a different theme, and students make something different each time.  Check the calendar on the website for upcoming class locations and themes.

Check website for contact details as locations and phone numbers are subject to change.

Crealde School of Art

Crealde has been running since 1975, and has classes throughout the year. They teach sculpture, photography, painting, and other media. Classes are offered for adults and children, with the Young Artists program starting at the age of four. In addition to the classes, Crealde has one-day workshops, including ones for parents and children. Crealde has three locations.

Location: Main Campus: 600 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park
Phone: (407) 671-1886

Location: Hannibal Square Heritage Center: 642 W. New England Ave., Winter Park
Phone: (407) 539-2680

Location: Jessie Brock Community Center: 310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden
Phone: (407) 656-4155

Local Color Art Studio

Local Color Art Studio features projects that use a wide range of materials to teach about color, shape, and for older children, technique. Middle school students who want to get help with projects can bring them in, or they can find inspiration at the studio and try something new.

Location: 1309 Edgewater Dr, Suite 2, Orlando
Phone: (407) 841-9996 or (321) 297-1617 for Kathy Blackmoor, the teacher

Osceola Arts

While Osceola Arts focuses on theater productions, it also offers two art classes. The first is a class in clay sculpture where kids will be encouraged to make animals both real and imagined. Osceola Arts also has an art class for children where they learn how to draw, everything from cartoons and animals to landscapes and portraits. These classes are offered on Wednesday afternoons.

Location: 2411 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee
Phone: (407) 846-6257

The Art Room

The Art Room features classes and workshops for children from ages 2-13, as well adult classes. In addition to general classes offered for each age group, where one topic is covered each class, the Art Room also features classes on topics like cartoon drawing and painting, and workshops. The school also runs a program called Between the Brushes, where children can be dropped off and, in two hours, children will produce a painting that they can bring home and proudly display. This program is also offered for adults but with less frequency.

Location: 709 Main Street, Windermere
Phone: (407) 909-1869



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