Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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We are choosing to skip traditional trick or treating this year and instead I am going to do a Halloween Scavenger Hunt for my kids. Shhh, it’s a surprise!

I am going to hide clues all around the house that lead the kids to different stashes of candy. They will be able to take their bucket from spot to spot and fill it with candy and other treats. At the end of the scavenger hunt, they will be able to sit and enjoy their “haul”, just like if we went regular trick or treating.

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How does the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Work?

There are 15 clues that lead kids to different locations inside the house.  Place a stash of candy at each clue location along with a clue for another location. It really doesn’t matter what clue goes where; just mix them up.

To start, give your child one clue for any of the locations. If you have multiple kids, give them all clues to different locations so that each child has a chance to find the candy stash on their own.

Tip:  Give each kid a sheet listing the number of candy stashes along with a place for them to write down where they found each stash. This helps the kids keep track of how many stashes they have found and how many stashes are left. (This also helps you out if they don’t find all of them; you will know exactly where to go to remove the leftover stashes.)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

Here are 15 clues that I put together for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Feel free to use my clues or create your own for a fun indoor scavenger hunt.

Clue #1 – Refrigerator

Black cats, witches brew

Dancing ghosts and mummies too

Eating candy sure is nice

But don’t put it here or it will be cold as ice

Clue # 2 – Mirror

Casper the ghost, Fudgie the Whale

Cute costumes will prevail

When you get dressed you look in me

A shiny image is what you will see

Clue # 3 – Closet

Want some candy? Take it out the bowl

On Halloween, that’s how we roll

Trick or treat is what we do

Find me where you would find a shoe

Clue #4 – Pantry

In a cauldron, potions we mix

Don’t make a mistake that we can’t fix

For all the ingredients you will need

You will find them here indeed

Clue #5 – Play room, game room, den

Dancing spiders, ghosts that boo

For Halloween, there is much ado

Like the Shakespeare play of the same name

Search for us where you would play a game

Clue #6 – Desk

Halloween is on a Saturday, yeah!

No school today, hip hip hooray!

But school is fun, isn’t it?

When you work this is where you sit

Clue # 7 – Cupboard

Chocolates, candies, we want a treat

All of them are yummy to eat

But candies don’t go where you put a dish

Even if that is my fondest wish

Clue # 8 – Inside rain coat or inside rain boots

We love candies, short and tall

We can’t wait to eat them all

Let’s hope on Halloween it doesn’t rain

Or you’ll need one of these which is a pain

Clue # 9 – Laundry Machine

Cartoon characters running around

On Halloween they will be found

Trick or Treating on the road

Put dirty clothes here and run a load

Clue #10 – Den or Where you Watch TV

Twitches One and Twitches Too

Jack and Sally and Casper too

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween show?

To watch one, this is where you would go

Clue #11 – Sock Drawer

Harry Potter and Halloween are a good pair

Moaning Myrtle gave us all a good scare

Poor Dobby would like to be free

But he needs this item you see

Clue #12 – Guest Room 

Creep music, creaking boards

Stately knights with their swords

When company comes for a night or day

This is where they would need to stay

Clue #13 – Tub or shower

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins galore

We love pumpkins, we want some more

If we get dirty, we need a good scrub

We would go here to rub a dub dub

Clue #14 – Bed

Collecting candy along the way

Makes for a very great day

But it’s also tiring running around

So here we’ll lay our head and not make a sound

Clue #15
– Couch

Run, run to get some candy

Wearing sneakers sure is handy

When you’re tired and need some rest

Sitting here would be best

We hope your kids have a great time on their Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Happy Halloween!





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