Turn your Backyard into Summer Fun Central

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In the land of perpetual summer, parents have to up their game to find ways to keep the kiddos busy, but mostly entertained.  Fear not!  We have comprised a list of twenty things to turn your backyard into summer fun central!

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Group of kids boys and girls play rope pulling competition game on the lawn of the garden
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Airhead Lob the Blob Cornhole Game

Cornhole is a perennial favorite for family fun at barbeques or fun at the park.  The Airhead Lob the Blob Cornhole Game can be played both on land and in the water!  The game features the blobs that you’ll lob into the ten inch corn holes and is constructed of heavy gauge PVC making for easy inflation and deflation.  This is a game to keep family and friends busy for hours.

Connect Four

What better way to get the whole family playing outdoors that to take a great board game, make it gigantic, and take it outdoors!  The classic Connect Four game is about four feet tall, fun enough for the kiddos and for the adults too.

Croquet Set

The Croquet Set comes with everything the family will need to turn the backyard (or anywhere you decide to play) into great time being outdoors.  The set comes with six mallets and balls, wickets, and ending stakes.  The game is great for adults and children eight and older.  The portable bag allows for taking the game to the beach too!


The name is different, but so is the game.  Flarts combines floor and lawn darts into one awesome game that the entire family can enjoy.  The game comes with inflatable darts, a mat with a giant dartboard on one side and on the other, a unicorn or a monster (two versions to choose from), and lawn pegs to hold it in place. Flarts can be played indoors or outdoors which means families can double the fun!

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga will turn the backyard into a major competitive zone!  This game is recommended for children six and older as the game pieces a big, sturdy, and if the game lasts a while, the tower can grow to over four feet tall.  Both youngsters and adults will enjoy this game of strategy that can be played both outdoors and indoors too.

Inflatable Shark Swimming Pool Cornhole Game

Usually, a shark in the water means everybody get out, but in this case, everybody needs to get in there!  The super fun Inflatable Shark Swimming Pool Cornhole Game is a fun upgrade from the usually swimming pool inflatable.  Fill the bean bags up with water, inflate the shark floatie, then let the family take a “bite” out of fun!

Inflatable Water Slide

This one is it!  It has everything to turn you house into the fun house.  The Inflatable Water Slide has a bounce area, a climbing wall, a basketball area, and an oversized pool area for older preschoolers and older kiddos to chill out.  Adult supervision is highly recommended during set up and play time.

Ladder Toss

Portable, easy to set up, and fun – the Ladder Toss game is it.  Toss the bolos towards the highest rung of the ladder to score the most points.  The bolos are kid friendly and sturdy too, so they won’t get tangled.  The game will be fun for the entire family, young and the young at heart.

Laser Tag

No need to go to an arcade to play Laser Tag when you can just go to your own backyard!  The game set comes with four lasers and four vests.  This backyard game will keep everyone eight and older busy until the food is ready!

Lawn Bowling Game

Kids and adults will get a blast out of this game.  The Lawn Bowling Game has the classic wood features of regular bowling, but this game can be played indoors or outdoors.  The game is also portable; it comes in a nylon mesh bag so families can take it camping or on vacation.

Outdoor Games Variety Pack

The classics keep making a comeback!  Who doesn’t remember potato sack races, egg and spoon races, and the 3-legged race?  You can get all of these in the Outdoor Games Variety Pack.  The family will get three for the price of one and with all the fun the family is going to have, the games pay for themselves!  The best part is that the entire family can enjoy these great backyard games.

Ramp Shot

Ramp Shot has is a four-player game that allows for three out of the four players to be involved at all times.  the game uses two ramps and using the balls, the players throw the balls at the ramps however, the grooves at the top of the ramps can cause the balls to bounce in any direction.  Players will have to be quick to score points for their team.


Get ready to be the fun house on the block!  The Nerf super soaker Roboblaster is loaded and ready for hours of super soaker fun.  Use it just for the family or have the kiddos invite friends over for a day filled with non-stop super soaker action!

Toss and Catch Ball

This one is fun from ages 1 to 101!  The Toss and Catch Ball game, is exactly that – toss the ball and the other person tries to catch it using the Velcro paddle.  The family can play in teams or just a simple game of catch between two people.  The entire family can get in on the action!

Trampoline and Swing Set

Big heights, big fun!  This Trampoline and Swing Set combo is perfect for kiddos three to eight years old.  The swing is detachable so at least two children at a time can bounce freely.  Attach the swing and get double the fun!


If you are ready for your backyard to become fun central in the neighborhood, then you are ready to play TriCrosse.  Invite family and friends over, have them grab a racquet, and let the fun begin!  Score by getting the ball into the netting – be careful, your opponent might block you!

Turtle Sprinkler Set

This one is perfect for the wee ones.  The Turtle Sprinkler Set is easy to set up and will have the toddlers and preschoolers enjoying summer days.  The sprinkler also comes with other backyard water games like water balloons and water shooting games.  Please note that this set has small parts and balloons that can be a choking hazard; adult supervision is recommended.

Twister Splash

Welcome to Twister with a twist!  Twister Splash is the same concept as the old school game, but this time it comes as an outdoor water game that is sure to keep the family busy for hours.  Spin the spinner – left foot, red – good and…splash!  Each spot on the splash pad is a soaker so each player is bound to get wet, win or lose!

Water Balloons

Simple, yet satisfying.  Water balloons have been around for generations and they are still just as fun!  Fill them up, pick your team, and let the water balloons fly!  While younger children can participate in the activity, it is recommended that they are supervised around small pieces and when filling the balloons.

Yardzee Game Set

The Yardzee Game Set has more than twenty games including Yard Farkle, oversized dice, laminated, reusable score cards, a wooden bucket, and markers.  It is weather and water resistant and is portable so these games can be played anywhere from the backyard to the beach.

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