Bioluminescent Tours Near Orlando

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Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. When the organisms move in the water, they create a beautiful glowing effect.  Bioluminescent tours have become all the rage in the past few years and Florida has some of the best bioluminescent waters around.  The best time to do these tours are May through early November.  If you are interested in seeing something spectacular, look at our list of the best bioluminescent tours in the Central Florida area.

Bioluminescent Kayaking Near Orlando

Here are 8 places to do Bioluminescent Kayaking in Central Florida.

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A Day Away Kayak Tours

Located in Titusville, A Day Away Kayak Tours, allows customers to get up close and personal with clear kayak bioluminescence tours. Through glass-bottom kayaks with the dinoflagellate bioluminescence, or “dino bio.”  There are a few kayaking options to choose from and the tours can last from one to three hours, depending on what you want to see.  Children as young as five years old can do the daytime tours, however, night tours are limited to children over five years of age.

Adventures in Florida

As Adventures in Florida says, “don’t spend your time in traffic, spend it in the water!”  Located in Orlando, Adventures in Florida allows children six and older to experience the thrill of daytime kayaking or the coolness of evening bioluminescent kayaking.  Families can choose to do a group session with up to fourteen people or customize their experience and do a private tour.  The crew is always updating their tour information to let kayakers know where to din bio is glowing brightest that day.  If you want to become a little better kayaker before heading out for a tour, Adventures in Florida offers a kayaking class for the novice.

BK Adventure Kayak Tours

Located in Titusville, BK Adventure Kayak Tours offers patrons several choices when it comes to bioluminescent kayak tours.  Kayakers can choose to do glass bottom kayaking, traditional kayaking and the newest tour – sunset bioluminescent kayaking.  Children of all ages are welcome.

Central Florida Kayaking

With many fun water things in the water, Central Florida Kayaking adds to the fray with something awesome to do with the family.  Located in Brevard County with branches in Orlando, Central Florida Kayaking has bioluminescent kayaking tours that may have you spotting a dolphin or two or even maybe a manatee.  All the tours are suitable for children four years and older.

Cocoa Kayaking

Cocoa Kayaking offers patrons and chance to really do it all.  Located in Cocoa Beach in Brevard County, kayakers will have the unique experience guided through waterways seeing different plant life and animal species.  All the certified guides give you instructions while on land and while in the water too.  Cocoa Kayaking offers daytime and nighttime kayaking experiences, including an LED night tour, and for those a little more adventurous, paddle boarding is an option.  There are some weight restrictions to certain kayak tours and paddleboarding, so it is best to check before heading out there.

Epic Paddle Adventures

Epic Paddle Adventures has bioluminescent tours for both kayakers and paddleboarders.  Visitors can choose to do a coastal sunset tour or a stargazing tour.  Both tours are about two hours long and so well worth it.  This is an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Florida – Adventurer

The name says it all!  The Florida – Adventurer operates out of Merritt Island in Brevard County with tours done all throughout the county and Orlando.  Patrons can choose from quite a few tours that would satisfy the adventurer in all of us. They operate daily from 9am to 5pm and very family-oriented.

Get Up and Go Kayaking

If you are ready to get your glow on, then head over to Get Up and Go Kayaking.  With so many locations throughout Florida, families can choose their adventure.  The tours are done in groups of ten or fewer people so that each kayaker can have a personalized experience.  When choosing your adventure, please note that each location has differing age limit policies for children, so it is always best to check in first.

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