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Celebrate Women’s History Month with Kids

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If you’re looking for great Women’s History Month activities to do with kids, you’re in the right place. There are so many fun ways that you can spend time with the kids and showcase the importance of women’s month as well.

Make certain to take the time to highlight the month and talk about all the reasons that women are special and have done incredible things. From scientists to doctors, writers to artists, and from moms to actresses, women are doing amazing things in the world every single second of the day.

While it’s hard to think about everything that women do, just take a step back and see. And don’t forget to include yourself in that list as well!

Great Women’s History Month activities to do with kids

Here are 10 great women’s month activities to do with kids that are simple, easy, and fun!

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Choose a fun book written by a female author and read it together

Love this simple idea. There are so many great book authors out there to choose from for all different learning levels and ages.

Check out these great book choices for Women’s month reading

If you’re needing some great book ideas, check out these book choices for kids!

Study a female chef and make one of her amazing dishes weekly

Simple way to get dinner on the table and to show your kids that there are strong women everywhere doing and creating amazing things.

Head to the local museum and check out the exhibits on Women’s History Month

Get out and show them all the museums! There are so many fun ways to explore women.

Discover genealogy and study the strong women in your own family

What a great way to showcase the women in your family. This activity will be fun and undercover a lot of cool family facts. Your local library can easily help you get started.

Pick a new woman to learn about every day

Google women who are changing the world and then pick one each day to focus on.

Take a trip to the art museum and see works of art by female painters

If you have the option to get out for the day, head to the art museum and see what female artists you can discover!

Pick out movies from your favorite female producers/directors or with a strong female lead and watch together

Load up on snacks and just spend the weekend binging some fun movies.

Have kids research and write a report on an important woman in history

Use this as a great homeschooling lesson to have the kids do research.

Talk about the women who are doing things to make a difference

This will lead to great discussions between you and the kids.

And these are just a few fun ideas and activities that you and the kids can do. The great thing about this time of the year is that you don’t have to do anything super formal as long as you’re finding activities to showcase the strength, intelligence, and drive of women!

What other fun women’s month activities with kids would you add to this list? 

by Thena Franssen

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