Review of The Void Orlando: I Stepped into Star Wars

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This location has permanently closed.

Two weeks ago, I went to The VOID at Disney Springs with my daughter. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect, but we both had a great time. I had passed The VOID at Disney Springs a few times while visiting Disney Springs. It is located in the back near where you find the Christmas Tree Trail during the holidays and by the spray fountain where they do dance parties. From research online and talking to an employee at The VOID, I had, what I thought, was a basic understanding of the experience; it was a more immersive form of Virtual Reality.

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That definition was very simplistic. I am not sure that my description will do it justice, but unlike a traditional VR game, you are not just sitting or standing in one spot. You are moving around from room to room trying to solve problems and interacting with story characters. For example, my daughter and I were trying to figure out a puzzle and doing quite badly and the story character made fun of us multiple times.

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The VOID in Disney Springs currently has two experiences, Step into Star Wars and Ralph Breaks VR. We experienced Step into Star Wars. Please note that you do not have to be a Star Wars fan to have fun on this experience. I have literally only seen 20 minutes of one Star Wars movie and I had a good time. My daughter has probably seen even less and she had so much fun; she wants to go back and do Ralph Breaks VR. In Step into Star Wars, you become part of the mission team whose job it is to recover intel that the Rebellion needs. You infiltrate the Empire, posing as a storm trooper, to access the information the Rebellion needs. Along the way, you fight bad guys, crack codes, and more.

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The entire experience takes about 35 minutes. Show up a little before your appointed time so that you can fill in the activity waiver. Please note if you are bringing a minor, you will fill out your waiver first and then fill out one for them. After you have completed the waiver, you are then taken to the waiting area for your specific experience. Once everyone is ready, you enter the briefing area, where you are told what your mission is. Two groups can be briefed at a time. Each group is a maximum of 4 people. My daughter and I were by ourselves, but could have been paired with two other people. After you receive your mission briefing, you are taken to the “dressing area” where you are outfitted with your backpack and your VR mask. You are then led into game. Once you complete the mission, you exit to the same area and return your backpack and mask.

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Good to Know

The backpacks that you have to carry into the game are pretty heavy, so I would not recommend taking small children (The VOID recommends 10 and up) or those with back problems and the backpack might be a bit much for them.

You don’t have to worry about getting motion sickness. I get sick on every virtual reality ride at an amusement park, so I no longer go on them. I was perfectly fine at The VOID at Disney Springs and felt no ill effects at all.


To enter The VOID costs $34.95 per person.

Go or No Go

The VOID is a Go for us. I would recommend The Void for parents and their older children. You can combine it with lunch or dinner at Disney Springs, which is what we did.

Are you willing to Step into The Void?

Photo #1 is courtesy of The Void at Disney Springs. All other photos taken by the author.

I received complimentary tickets to The VOID at Disney Springs to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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