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Now that we’ve all been home for several months of time, the time is now to start branching out and seeing all the options for online storytime for kids. Knowing that your child can listen to a great book from some really interesting people is such a fun and exciting experience. And the best part? You and your child don’t even have to change out of your pajamas to tune in and listen!

When you’re ready to sit back, relax, and tune in for some reading fun, these online storytime for kids are a great option to sign up for and enjoy. I’ve gathered up some of the best online options for your review!

virtual storytime


This online hashtag is drawing in famous people from all over the world. And for good reason! They’re lining up to read some of the best children’s books and do so quite frequently, too.

Grab some snacks and a blanket and snuggle in for the fun.


Public libraries offer so many services and now they can add virtual storytimes to their list. They’re making it super simple to tune in and join in for the story by hosting it on their Facebook page daily at 11 AM.

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It’s no secret that PBS Kids is a huge supporter of providing educational resources for families and children all over the world. They hosted Mondays with Michelle Obama, which you can still find online, and they also have a ton of other celebrities that they have as storytime readers as well.

You can easily check their page to see their schedule and figure out how to coordinate it with your schedule.

Roald Dahl HQ

If your household is a fan of James and the Giant Peach or any other book written by Roald Dahl, you’re not going to want to miss his storytimes. Celebs from all over the world tune in and read from James and the Giant Peach each and every week. It’s a great way to learn how to love listening to books via audio and cool and calm voices.

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Dav Pilkey at home

Calling all Captain Underpants fans! Tra-la-la! There’s no denying that Dav Pilkey has a way with words. Kids all over the world have made his books bestsellers because they’re all so lively and fun. Not only does he give drawing tips for Dogman and Captain Underpants but he reads snippets and stories as well.

Storytime from Penguin kids

All authors who have published with Penguin Kids will be reading their books live for others to enjoy. This is something that they were doing daily but their schedule might change depending on the frequency and availability. Since they’re quite a big publisher, they draw in a lot of great readers and books which makes it all that much more fun and interesting!

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New Orleans Public Library

Even though this is currently just a temporary service, the New Orleans Public Library has quite the list of books and topics uploaded that kids and families can tune into at any point in time and listen. From topics such as Birds to Boredom, there really are a ton of great virtual stories that are available and free.

Story Time From Space

How much fun is this? Tune in to see astronauts reading from books, while they’re up in space! Your child will love to hear their voices knowing that they’re so far away and high up in the sky!

Once they’re done reading, it’s a great chance to have communication with your child about their thoughts of space, too. That’s the great thing about reading…it leads to so many other questions and conversations!

Story Pirates

This is actually a pretty unique virtual storytime that your child has the chance to watch. While there are stories being read, there are also songs and things being acted out as well.

And the best part? Everything that is showcased and done on this platform is the ideas that were written and submitted by kids. Who knows? Maybe your child can think of something or write something to submit to their show as well. What a fun virtual storytime by listening to their own written story being read out loud!

As with any of these virtual storytimes, check back weekly to see if there are any updates or changes. While many are doing this weekly throughout this difficult time, content and times may change suddenly without notice.

Take the time to tune into all of these virtual storytimes if possible. Each one listed above is unique and a great way to get the kids active and engaged in fun. And who knows? You just might help them discover their love for tuning in and listening to fun stories each week!

Do you have any other virtual storytimes to recommend?

by Thena Franssen

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  1. Yes! Our storytimes at the Southbury Public Library are great! We stream them live publicly on the Southbury Library Youth Services Facebook page.

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