Celebrate Memorial Day at Home

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When it comes to finding at-home Memorial Day activities, having a plan in place is always a great idea. Since the weekend is right around the corner, it just makes sense to gear up now and create a must-do list for the fun three-day weekend.

Celebrate Memorial Day at Home with the Kids

Here are some 9 recommendations for at-home Memorial Day activities for the family.  These are just a few simple ideas that can turn your weekend into an amazing memory-making machine. 

memorial day at home

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Host a neighborhood parade

Have the kids grab their bikes and line up for a fun parade. The adults can blow bubbles as they pass and cheer everyone on. Put out some sidewalk chalk and just get everyone together outdoors. End the parade route with popsicles and other cool treats. 

Have a family BBQ

Grilling out is probably one of the most common things that people do during Memorial Day, and with good reason! Head to the store and get some meat and veggies and have fun heating up and cooking on the grill. It’s the perfect weekend for a BBQ feast. 

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Set up the sprinkler and have a blast

Who says that you can’t just throw on the kid’s swimsuits and let them run around the yard? It’s always amazing how a simple sprinkler in the yard will provide them with hours upon hours of fun.

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Pitch a tent and go camping

The great part about camping is that you can camp right in your own backyard. Just set up the tent and have fun. And the best part is that when someone has to go to the bathroom, they just have to go right inside the house for ease of use! 

Turn your backyard into a waterpark

Set up fun waterslides, slip and slides, water balloons, and anything else that can deal with water and fun and let the kids have at it. You might even want to throw on your swimsuit and join in on the fun as well. 

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Set up an outdoor theater and have fun

Don’t have a drive-in anywhere that you live? Make your own! You can easily set up an outdoor movie night for the kids using fun cardboard boxes as well. Pick a few movies to watch and don’t forget the snacks! 

Play a fun family board game

And since you’re going to be home all weekend, pick a few. Turning the weekend into a friendly fun game competition in the family sounds like a great idea! Have everyone in the family pick out their favorite board game and then see who is the winner. 

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Have a fun family bake-off

If your family likes to eat, hosting a bake-off is a MUST! Have everyone whip up their favorite sweet or savory treat and find out which one is the best. It’s a great excuse to spend the weekend cooking and eating delicious food. 

Watch the National Memorial Day Parade on TV

Watch the National Memorial Day Parade with the kids on TV. Listen to all the great music and watch the military bands on parade. Check times that parade will be played as not all locations play the parade on Memorial Day itself.

As you can see, there are so many fun family-friendly Memorial Day activities that you can do at home. This list shows you that anything that you want to do at home, can easily happen. As long as you’re together, all activities are certain to be a great idea! 

by Thena Franssen

photo courtesy Imran Khan

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