Cute Face Masks for Kids

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Cute Face Masks for Kids are this school years must-have accessory! Having your child adjust to wearing a face mask in school won’t be easy, but making them excited for some cute options can definitely help!

Looking for some of the best kid face mask options for Central Florida students? Keep reading and see my top choices for this fall!

kids face masks


3 for $16

Looking for a trendy face mask for your sporty kids this school year? This breathable face mask is sporty and fashionable PLUS it is from Adidas (you know, the most well known sporting brand in the world). The pack comes in a variety of colors and will look great with a matching sweatshirt and shoes.

Be aware: these masks may increase confidence!

Lifestyle Blue Face Covers XS/S 3-Pack

Billie Blooms

$25 – $28 each

Billie Bloom’s offers fun masks for the entire family and they have the largest collection of masks that we have found. Your kids will get a kick out of wearing a mask with a mustache or a pair of lips. They also offer masks with animals faces and prints on them. Masks come in both contoured and flat and they offer different size masks based on the age and size of the child (and adult).

Heartbreaker Red StripedBlue Mustache Mask



$3 each

Carter’s offers face masks that kids will love. The masks are one size fits most kids ages 2 to 14. Masks are made with soft breathable cotton and right now come in 3 designs flowers, stripes and plaid. Carter’s will be releasing 5 more designs this month including lady bugs, hearts, dinosaurs and more. Carter’s even has a Hero guide to show kids of different people wearing masks and how they too will be a hero by wearing their mask.

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4 for $35

For kids who would prefer a plainer mask, CAMP offers white masks with a pop of color on the outside. You can order a 4-pack of masks that come with red/blue stitching or pink/light blue stiching. Masks tie around the back of the head instead of going over the ears. Masks fit kids ages 2 to 13.


$7.50 each

 Check out these adorable custom masks from CleverlyReckless! This etsy store is a great option for one of a kind masks with double layers and filters for your kids to be safe and trendy this upcoming school year. Did I mention their super adorable prints that will help any kid keep their face mask on all year long!

Face Masks Double Layered Filter Pocket Reusable & image 2



5 for $29.99

If you are looking for one mask for each day of the week, then you will want this great Crayola mask bundle offered at School Mask Pack. Each day is a different color and features a different facial expression. The pack comes with a mesh laundry bag to store the masks after usage and makes it easy to toss in the wash on the weekend.


2 for $12.99

CubCoats is offering a 2-pack of animal masks featuring the CubCoats friends. Kids can be Tomo the tiger who is agile or Pimm the Puppy who is extremely curious. Masks come with a filter pocket and a metal nose piece to securely fit to face.


$8 – $10

Funkins offers masks for a kids in a bunch of fun prints. Kids can get masks with sailboats, dinosaurs, ninjas and more! Even better, the masks come in 3 different fits, comfort, flat and secure-fit, so you can get the one that you think will work best for your child.

Gap Kids

3 for $15

Gap Kids is always on trend- even with their kids face masks! This store has adorable prints like pink polka dot, orange burberry, and a variety of plaids. One thing is for sure with a face mask from Gap Kids-  your children will be the most fashionable with their face masks this upcoming school year!

Kids' Face Mask (3-Pack)

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MLB Shop

3 for $24.99

If your kids love baseball, then you’ll want to get them a mask from the MLB Shop. The shop features masks from all 30 of the MLB teams.  Masks come in a 3-pack with each mask featuring a different design with your favorite team. They also offer t-shirt and mask packages. If you don’t want the kids to be cooler than you, they also offer adult sizes for face masks.

Youth New York Mets Face Covering 3-Pack

NFL Shop

1 for $14.99
2 for $24.99

If football is your kid’s favorite sport, then take a look at the masks offered by the NFL Shop. The Shop features masks from all 32 NFL teams in a variety of styles. There are white masks featuring the teams official logo, contoured or flat masks in 3 different designs with the teams official colors. The shop also offers t-shirt and mask combo packages.

Youth Pittsburgh Steelers Face Covering 3-Pack

Old Navy

5 for $12.50

Old Navy has the most adorable 5-pack of masks that you could ever imagine. From sweethearts, to rainbows, to sweet americana, these kid mask options are simply precious! Keep your kids safe with these adorable options for your kids all school year long.

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September Skye

$10 each

Looking for quality, unique and just plain adorable masks for your kids? I can’t recommend September Skye on Etsy any more! Their masks are cute, well fit, and your kids will love wearing them all year long.

With this mask, you can shop small and keep your family healthy.

Ready to ship Face mask in toddler big kid and adult pink image 0



4 for $19.99

Looking to represent your Disney obsession this fall with your favorite Disney characters? Look no further than the kids mask options at ShopDisney. From Disney to Star Wars to the classic Mickey Mouse head, these adorable masks will look adorable this fall!

For younger students, this mask is an excellent option to get them excited for wearing a face mask this year. Let them represent their favorite Disney character and stay healthy!

If you are looking for fun activities for your kids to do at home, then take a look at Cratejoy.  Hundreds of options for kids subscription boxes all in one place!


$3 each

Looking for a mask for your families biggest dinosaur fans? Look no further! Shein has the most adorable dinosaur themed masks that your kids will love. These masks are made for your kids smaller features to help them stay comfortable and healthy all year long.


The Sis Kiss

$12 each

Do you have creative kids? Then this is the mask for you! Each mask has a black and white design for you to color in with fabric markers. These children’s face masks from The Sis Kiss have a variety of designs from rainbows, bolts, hearts, and more for your family to customize before they start school in the fall.

TSK Face Masks - Adults & Kids Color Me!


SpongeBob Squarepants Shop

$18.95 each

If your kids love SpongeBob, like mine do, then they will love these masks featuring the characters from the show. Masks feature SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and Squidward. There are also a trio of masks featuring the Krusty Krab. Face masks fit kids 5 and up.


2 for $5

Looking for a way to keep your family safe this school year? This simple design from Target is affordable and great for your little one this fall. If you have a kid like I do that prefers clothes that simply blend in, then this design will keep your child comfortable while wearing their mask this school year.

Outschool has over 10,000 classes that will delight kids of all ages. Kids can take cooking classes, music classes, art classes, Harry Potter classes, math, science and much more all from home!

Uncommon Goods

2 for $25

The supper cute face masks designed by children in New York’s children hospital are to die for. Your kids will love the rainbow design with these masks by Uncommon Goods and 100% of the proceeds go to NYC’s public hospitals. Hurry, these masks will sell out quickly!

Children's Rainbow Face Coverings - Set of 2


3 for $3.97

Walmart offers some of the best-priced face masks around. Get a 3-pack of face masks for kids. Each mask is a different color and they offer 3 different sets of masks, making it easy to put together your own weekly set of masks for the kids (with one to spare).


These face masks for kids will be the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe!

by Christine Luna and Tea Bernard

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