How to Celebrate Women’s History Month with Kids in Orlando

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In March 1987, Congress passed the resolution to make March Women’s History Month.  Now, every March, we celebrate the contributions women have made to our country through the arts, literature, science, medicine, and government.  Throughout Central Florida and the surrounding areas, there will be many events held to celebrate women and their accomplishments.

How to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Orlando with Kids

Here are 11 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with your kids.

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Give them something to talk about!

Pick a different woman every day this month to talk about with your children.  You can chat about women in politics, sports, music, art, or a woman that is making a difference right in your own community.

See Inspirational Women Artists

The OCLS has done it again!  The Inspirational Women Artists program will be held at the South Creek Branch on March 7 starting at 4:30pm.  Recommended for children six to eight years old, the kiddos will delight in learning about a famous woman artist and will have the opportunity to create one of her works.  Registration is required for this event and spaces are limited.

Patronize a local woman–owned business

Central Florida is packed with businesses owned by women.  Take the to visit a local bakery, café, or favorite ice cream spot.  When you visit, ask to speak to the owner (if she is available) and introduce her to the little ones; maybe she can give them some advice about opening a business.

Read a book about a strong woman

Women’s History Month is a great time to read a book written by a woman or a story with a strong woman lead.  Take a visit to the library or a local bookstore and get lost in books of all genres including everything from STEM/STEAM to art, music, and culture.

Support local women in sports and local women’s teams

The Orlando Pride is an all-women’s professional soccer team that plays right here in our own backyard!  What a great way to support Women’s History Month and have a fun family outing as well.  If you can’t make it to a Pride game, UCF has some great women’s teams in golf, basketball, softball, tennis, and soccer too.

Talk about women in your own family

Your own family probably has a rich history of women who have shaped your own family’s history.  Talk to your children about their grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and other women who may have migrated to the United States to make a better life for their families and future generations.  Even better, trace your family’s lineage (you can use this Ancestry DNA kit) and see if there are any famous women in your family!

The Notorious RBG and Other Powerful Women

The Notorious RBG and Other Powerful Women will be hosted by the Orange County Library System on March 7.  Recommended for children three to five years old, this online, craft-based story time event starts at 11am and will celebrate strong women figures, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Registration is required for attendance as well as access to Zoom and a computer.

Watch a movie with a strong woman lead

Gather up the family, pop the popcorn, stay in for the night, and watch a movie.  There are plenty of movies to watch celebrating women like Hidden Figures (which celebrates both Black History Month and Women’s History Month), A League of Their Own, and Little Women, just to name a few.  For the younger ones, Mulan and Brave are great choices showing young girls coming into their own and being trailblazers.

Attend the Women Make History event

Take your elementary schooler to the Hiawassee Library Branch on March 8 at 4:30pm for the fun and informational program, Women Make History.  This hour-long program will recognize the important role and contributions that women have made in history.  It will be done through stories, arts and crafts, and other activities too.  This will be a fun and interactive way for your little ones to learn about women in all fields; music to science and everything in between.  Registration is required and spaces will be limited.

Learn about women that have contributed to Florida’s rich history

Women have played an important role in shaping the history and culture of Florida.  Have your child (or help them) research a woman that has made a difference in Florida from arts and music to conservation and politics.  This a great project to do with your upper elementary or middle schooler.

Visit the Zora Neal Hurston Museum of Fine Arts

Located in Eatonville, Florida, the Zora Neal Hurston Museum of Fine Arts houses thousands of pieces of art created by African American artists, both locally and globally.  Its namesake, Zora Neale Hurston is one of the most well-known authors of African American literature and she is from Eatonville. Each year she is celebrated during the ZORA festival.

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